Updates on publications

What your political ideology says about your self-control. Read here in a recent paper published at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In the news:
LA Times Science Now
University of Cincinnati News
Indiana University Bloomington Newsroom.

What does your political ideology say about your self-control abilities? Check out this recent paper on the self-control consequences of conservative and liberal ideologies. Check the publication section!

Manuscript with Petro and two bright Wake Forest students (Melanie Whitmire and Paul Moon) on analysis of mediation errors landed at BRM!
Contact for a pre-print.

Findings picked up in the news

Invited speaking engagements

Excited to head to Lisbon for a talk on developing expertise!


Looking forward to visiting the University of Oregon and speaking with the Marketing Department about some new work on how experts are persuaded!

Shoutouts / articles I find interesting

Props to Chris Berdik (chrisberdik.com) for talking about some of our self-regulation work (“our” being: Ed Hirt, Lile Jia, Patrick Egan, Austin Chapman, and myself) in his new book:Mind over Mind: The Surprising Power of Expectations.
Check it out!